Comparator Sourcing Services

Comparator Drug Sourcing

Comparator Drug Sourcing - To successfully source comparator drugs, choosing a partner competent at procurement is of prime importance, who possesses an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical marketplace all around the world. Ambe Medical Group is an expert in this field and we pay detailed attention to each of our customers and provide world-class personalised service.

Sourcing comparator drugs and ancillaries can be logistically difficult, disproportionately demanding in terms of financial and human resources, and is a distraction from the main task of running clinical trials. The global life science industry is undergoing a period of profound structural change and so we have to adapt our approach to the changing needs of our customers and suppliers.

This is where the Ambe Medical Group comes in. We are proactive and resourceful, maintaining our customers’ confidentiality at all times. We also seek to work very closely to satisfy the requirements of our approved suppliers, as our relationships with them are fundamental to our ability in sourcing clinical trial supplies.